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Learn the beats of your favourite drummers

In search of our own voice on the drums, we all study the voice of the masters. Standing on the shoulders of their experiences, and their beats. These courses aim to develop your skills behind the drumkit. And make you the best drummer possible!
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How does it work?

All beat-courses includes a video-lesson, and a downloadable worksheet, including a transcription of the original beat, as well as exercises, guiding you on how to learn the beat.
You can use the courses for self-study, and/or study them with the guidance from your teacher.

Or you can book a one-on-one lesson, with me, the founder of Learn Famous Drum Beats: Lars Wagner. Click the "View All Courses" below, and choose the "Private On-line Lesson"-course.

About The Founder

Hi my name is Lars! I'm a Danish freelance drummer and drum-teacher. I've been teaching drums for more than 30 years. You may have found me through the YouTube-channel, on Facebook, or maybe you're one of my students? Either way, I'm happy you're here!

Both as a musician and as a teacher, I go for the best possible whole. And if I can "move" the audience at the concert, or the student of the hour, and at the same time put my own fingerprint on it, it all goes into a higher unit for me.
In 2017 I started the Learn Famous Drum Beats-project, which is video drum-lessons, with pdf's for download. And here we are: you're browsing the Learn Famous Drum Beats-website!

Beside my executive work, playing live and in the studio in Denmark, I have built a reputation as an experienced and committed teacher. I have been teaching since 1993. Both at music schools, and high schools, and at conservatory preparatory courses around the country. In recent years I've also been a censor for several exams at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus.

Within both sides of the industry I have my professional focus on satisfying the customer. As a teacher, I focus on how I bring the student along as best as possible. How I keep his ball rolling.
I graduated from The Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen in 1998. But I have been part of the professional Danish music scene since 1988. I have been fortunate to work with many different, competent people, within jazz, pop, rock, fusion and heavy metal. From the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993, several musical / theater productions at the Copenhagen theaters up through the 90s, to television house orchestra participation in DR-TV prime time shows, as well as a large number of tours and recordings. Through my work, I have established myself as a recognized and sought-after musician.